Google Shopping Ad Management

Google Shopping is one of the most effective types of advertising for eCommerce brands. These campaigns give you the opportunity to reach the shoppers that matter the most–shoppers already searching for products you sell.

Google Shopping Management

We leverage comprehensive product feed optimisation, Google Shopping management, and profit-driven bidding.

Product Feed Optimisation

Product feed optimization is a game-changer increasing visibility in the Google Shopping landscape. Be it Shopify, BigCommerce or WooCommerce. Our optimisation efforts aim to increase relevance and quality scores while connecting to your audience to maximise conversions.

Product Segmentation

We segment your search terms into categories. Our approach lowers bids on non-converting terms and bid more aggressively on on terms that do convert — maximising impressions and ensuring the right searchers see your products.

Optimisation of Bid Strategies

Programmatic bidding and smart budget pacing help to reduce costs, while our team manually adjusts bids to allocate budget to the most profitable campaigns and product segments. Some enterprises need more including geo-targeting, day-parting, user devices, audience segments and more.

Advanced Audience Targeting

There are countless opportunities for conversion among customers who already know of you and engage your brand. Our team knows how to implement product-level targeting with dynamic remarketing ads that capture customers more likely to convert.

Pricing plans and options

Simple, flexible, and predictable pricing. Choose which package is best suited for you.
10K ($140)
1 Campaign
Search Ads
Conversion Tracking
Monthly reporting
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18K ($250)
/ month
3 Campaigns
Search Ads, Display Ads
Conversion Tracking
Monthly reporting
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30K ($415)
/ month
10 Campaigns
Search, Display & Shopping Ads
Conversion Tracking
Monthly reporting
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